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Patriot Hardscape Solutions is Jacksonville Florida’s go to retaining wall contractor. We design and install new retaining walls as well as replace existing retaining walls made with pressure treated wood. We specialize in installing modular block walls as we have found this is the best long term financial decision to insure the wall is secure for years to come. Patriot Hardscape Solutions understands the importance of a retaining wall here in the Atlanta, Georgia area due to the amount of rainfall. Retaining walls can also be use to level areas and redirect water runoff. Retaining walls also help create level areas for hardscapes and plantings, as well as the ability to creatively design beautiful hardscapes with different levels of visual focal points.

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There are four main concepts in retaining wall design

Base – Your retaining wall must be built on a stable base. The base of a retaining wall should be set at ground level. The taller a wall is, the further below ground level it should be set.

Backfill – Backfill refers to the dirt behind the wall. In order to provide proper drainage, at least 12 inches of gravel or a similar material should be installed directly behind the wall. For hardscaping behind the wall, 6 inches or more of native soil should be placed over the backfill.

Drainage – Proper drainage is crucial for retaining walls. There are a few ways to ensure that effective drainage is taking place, including backfilling at least a foot of space behind the wall with gravel, have a perforated pipe installed along the inside, or backfilled, bottom of the wall, or weep holes, which allow water to drain through the wall.

Height – The height of a retaining wall determines how much weight it can hold and how much extra reinforcement might be necessary. Typical residential retaining walls are constructed between 3 and 4 feet high, a height that provides excellent strength without requiring additional reinforcements. If your yard requires a higher wall, your hardscape designer may suggest a series of 3-4 foot walls to create a terraced effect.

Patriot Construction Retaining Walls
Patriot Construction Retaining Walls
Patriot Construction Retaining Walls

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